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Our Pure Hemp Unbleached Cones Are Superior!
PURE HEMP Unbleached 1 1/4 Size Cones
Our Pure Hemp Unbleached 1 1/4 size cones work well for .35g, .5g, .6g, up to .75g size pre-rolls.
These are 83mm long including a 26mm unbleached tip.
Each box contains 1,000 cones
Each case of 4 boxes contains 4,000 cones

There is no better Hemp cone on the market!!

Pure Hemp Unbleached bulk cones are crafted using a patented spiral wrap. We took inspiration from the method in which the master torcedors hand roll cigars. This patented spiral wrap helps guide the ember around as it burns, mitigating the chance of running/canoeing. Another and possibly even more important result of this rolling method results in there being zero leftover paper tail overlapping inside of your cone. We all know that any left over paper negatively affects and takes away from the taste of the flowers... and nobody wants that! All of our Pure Hemp preroll cones are finished with an unbleached paper tip/crutch. If you take pride in your pre-rolls, you should be using the best pre-roll cones available.

This is for 1 case of 4 boxes = 4,000 cones
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Authentic Pure Hemp® watermarked rolling papers made in Spain by Miquel y Costas

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