Pure Hemp® rolling papers and pre-roll cones are NOW AVAILABLE IN CANADA as well as throughout USA's Lower 48 States.

(Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, The Marshall Islands, Micronesia, The Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Palau or The U.S Virgin Islands)

  • Pure Hemp Rolling Papers And Pre-Roll Cones Natural Gum Regular 1 1/4 King Rolls and Pre-Roll Cones

    Why Pure Hemp® rolling papers are loved by the masses...

    We launched Pure Hemp rolling papers in 1996 from the desire to have a tree-free alternative rolling paper. We are made from pesticide free and chemical free hemp that Pure Hemp's manufacturers, Miquel Y Costas grow themselves. They are a 100% vertically integrated hemp pulp and paper juggernaut located in the Catalan region of Spain. The birthplace of rolling papers. In fact, the Miquel family have been perfecting paper making since 1725.

    That's almost 300 years of paper making experience.

    We launched the Pure Hemp rolling papers as an eco-conscious alternative to all the wood pulp "rice" rolling papers on the market. We were focused on offering a tree-free rolling paper complimented with an all natural vegan acacia gum line that is sustainably sourced from West African acacia trees. We created our Pure Hemp rolling papers to be as pure as possible!

    25+ years later and our Pure Hemp family has grown substantially. We've expanded into the pre-roll cone category with our patented torcedor spiral wrap that has revolutionized the pre-roll cone game. Reach out to us and discover our superior Pure Hemp pre-roll cones.

    At Pure Hemp we are always listening, learning, adapting and constantly innovating.

    We are #TheOriginalPureHempRollingPaper

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